A distinguished heritage

Ever since 1982, when the first Diva 39 was introduced, a Diva Yacht has always been associated with innovation, ease of handling and performance. A new Diva Yacht is never just another boat, a new Diva introduces new ideas and innovations. With over 700 Diva Yachts produced since 1982 this philosophy withstands the test of time.That the very first Diva ever built, the Diva 39 "Silverfågel", won its class in ÅF Offshore Race and the doulbehanded SeaPilot 2-Star in 2015 is a testament to the longevity of speed and ease of handling of the Diva Yachts.
The long history of success and knowledge is the foundation of our continuous development of innovations in the Diva range. The new Diva 34 SC is developed for the challenges of tomorrow, with our proud heritage as a foundation.

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Short of nothing

The objective of the Diva 34 SC is create a yacht that can compete successfully on the race course, offer a family the comfort of three cabins and ease of handling for cruising.
Concerning the comfort for cruising, nothing has been spared. New solutions, such as ”Open Space” gives room and functionality as only larger yachts can offer. The yacht offers all functions for a comfortable cruising experience over long periods.
Large forepaw with an ”Owners cabin” feel.
Saloon with a spacious feeling seating 6 persons at the table.
Large wet area and galley.
Several options for aft cabins.
In this yacht, a family shall be comfortable for extended cruising.

To achieve these objectives, the Diva 34 SC is developed and engineered using the very latest tools and techniques to achieve a low displacement, strong structure and fast sailing.


Form for function

The exterior design offers clean lines with it´s own character. A modern design with Scandinavian roots. As in all good design, function and ergonomics is fundamental. In a Diva, all measures are carefully engineered to offer a more pleasureful experience when sailing.

Easy handling

The Diva Yachts has been a forerunner and are known for easy handling. This is important on several levels, but not at least for the safety for a family. The ease of handling is created in severals areas. The basis is a well behaved and slippery hull shape. A hull shape that gives a safe feeling when heeled and does not give unpleasant surprises. The Diva Yachts are known for it´s fantastic rudder feel and responsiveness.
Another factor is the layout of sailing functions. The Diva Yachts were pioneers using self tacking jibs and all functions led to the helmsman. The Diva 34 SC offers the possibility to customise the yacht for the intended use, easy cruising or more racing oriented. An additional important factor is to keep displacement low. This is achieved by clever engineering and using advanced build methods.
By using new ideas and innovations, the Diva 34 SC offers qualities that only considerably larger yachts has, both in terms of comfort and performance. The Diva 34 SC makes a larger yacht unnecessary, saving not only on cost but offering easier handling as a result.

Impressive cockpit

The cockpit is perhaps the most important function onboard. Even so, many boats have not even got basic ergonomic measures right. On the Diva 34 SC the cockpit benches are close to 3 meters and has the depth and height of backrests needed for comfort on long passage making or relaxing at a mooring. At the aft part it looks like on a racing yacht, which is also perfect for cruising. The whole area has the ergonomic comfort the Divas is known for. There is also the option of tiller or double steering wheels. The optional steering wheels offers seating behind the wheels, as well as on the sides, and space in front of the wheels. When sitting to leeward on the gunwale the wheels is between the legs, which is necessary to achieve the ergonomic position needed for extended periods at helm. When cruising-optimised, all functions are within the helmsman’s reach.The optional sitting benches aft of the wheels offers comfort at any heel angle and also serve as storage space.


Open Space

We further developed the the ”Open Space”-concept, originally conceived for the Diva 40, to create all the functions normally only found in 40-footers. the Diva 34 SC offers three cabins with double beds over 2 m length. A galley with a 2m worktop and a saloon with a airy and spacious feeling.
Comparing the layout on a traditional yacht to our ”Open Space” layout the closed areas of the past has been opened up. No more angular galleys that closes areas, no more U-shaped sofas that has the same result and in reality gives fewer seating positions round the table. The result is a more open interior where all functions are more accessible and communication channels between them work better. Work areas and seating positions are at least as good and more effectively used, compared to a traditional layout. The ”Open Space interior also makes engineering and construction easier and can be done more effectively.
The ”Open Space” concept in the Diva 34 SC offers a combination of comfort and performance not seen before in this size range.

Your Boat - The way You want it

Diva 34 SC can be customised for your needs. In the forward section there is the option of a traditional forward cabin with main bulkhead, having lockers and separate seating. The size of the bed is outstanding for a yacht below 37 feet.
If you prefer a more open layout, the bulkhead towards the forward cabin can be opened up and become a part of the saloon.

Also the stern offers options in the layout. One option is two identical aft cabins with large double beds. another option is to make one cabin larger, and the opposite cabin smaller or used as an stowage area. An additional solution is to have a single aft cabin. This makes sleeping possible in abeam and also gives seating height at the head end of the beds.

Chart table spirited away

Looking at the layout, the chart table is nowhere to be found. We often get comments from owners and clients that a chart table takes up space, especially considering modern charting solutions. Even so, some prefer to have a place for storing navigational equipment, and do routing. We have a new solution for this issue. Out of the saloon table a complete navigational center can conjure up. A new seating arrangement makes a seat for the navigation area in the saloon table, fitted in the center of the boat just like on a ocean racer. this innovative solution and use of space greatly contribute to the over all spacious feeling in the interior.

A real galley

Also the galley on the Diva 34 SC has a new shape. As always on a Diva, the chef can be safely secured, here with a extra work area opposite of the main worktop. This countertop fits the water and sink area. In total, over 2m of countertop is available. the extra work area opposite makes this the largest galley in class. By having an open solution instead of the traditional L-shaped galley the yacht is opened up and communication is enhanced.


We have opted for a centrally positioned wetarea for easy and safe access onboard. Thorough planning and measures provides all functions needed. there is even a wet locker.

Performance and engineering

Already raced in a long development phase

Behind the Diva 34 SC lies an extensive development program of hull shape, sail plan, structural engineering and choice of components.
The hull shape is the result of an comprehensive optimisation program where over 20 hull shapes in three main families where investigated. We have optimised the hull for performance in a wide range of conditions, focusing on low drag and low wetted area. By using modern software, performance can be predicted using a VPP software and the boat can be sailed virtually in a race, using actual weather. The new Diva 34 SC has sailed numerous races even before construction has started, even on handicap, giving the winning hull shape on both sailed and corrected time. Marcus Lindquist says;
”I´ve sailed the ÅF Offshore Race so many times with the Diva 34 SC I`m almost tired of sailing it in real life! Joking aside, by testing several hull shapes and varying sail plan and sail selection one gets a good idea of what works, and does not work. Different hull shapes performs differently so we have been able to exclude some types of hull shapes, for example more ”box-type” hull shapes that gives a asymmetrical hull when heeled. As many already knows, a round section shape, as the Divas has always had, gives the lowest wetted area relative to displacement and this also stands out during testing. Round shapes performs best all-round.”
The optimisation is mainly done on sailed time but several configurations has also been tested for rating, using ORCi and the Swedish SRS, which yields similar results. Sail plans has also been studied, for example jib vs genoa, to achieve the best configuration.

The sailplan on the Diva 34 SC is optimised for summer conditions in Europe. The possibility of a large roach mainsail and jib gives easy handling for a family and a good rating for racing. The Diva 34 SC normally flies an asymmetric spinnaker on a retractable bow spirit and can also be fitted with a custom designed spirit for a Code 0. For round the cans racing, a symmetrical spinnaker can aslo be carried.
For dedicated racers we also have the ability to perform rating studies and optimisations for the projected conditions.
Estimated ORCi GPH is 620, or SRS 1.30.

For the design of the keel we have turned to one of the most talented persons in the field, Kåre Ljung. Kåre is known for designing the M32 catamaran as well as foils for IMOCA 60´s and Americas Cup projects, where he has reduced drag with the same or increased lift. For the Diva 34 SC Kåre has designed a revolutionising keel that combines low drag, good lift, low center of gravity, safety at grounding and a foil section that is forgiving. Kåre comments;
”As a Diva owner, it is a privilege to be part of the Diva 34 SC project. Since I´m a Diva-owner myself I´m well aware of the innovative DNA in the Diva brand, and therefore I dared to present an idea for a keel design not previously seen. Compared to the T-keel initially considered for the boat, and that is more or less standard on performance yachts today, my keel design has a lower drag, more effective fin, larger effective depth and a safer connection to the hull at a grounding. All this while keeping the advantages that a T-keel has in terms of weight distribution.”


One of the most important innovations in the Diva 34 SC cannot be seen with the naked eye, it is the yachts structure, construction and build method. It is one of the secrets to achieving the unique combination of comfort and low weight that the Diva 34 SC offers.
We have in close cooperation with DIAB and Composites Consulting Group developed a new method of building a strong, yet light structure. This cooperations started in 1985 when we in cooperations with DIAB presented the worlds first yacht in series production where the hull laminate was reinforced with Kelvar.
The Diva 34 SC is one of very few yachts, outside of pure racers, that benefit from an optimised laminate structure. Every detail of hull and deck has been carefully calculated to optimise the Divinycell sandwich core and glass fibre reinforcements used. This type of optimisation is costly but results in a stronger and lighter yacht, creating a positive spiral of lower loads, on for example rig and fittings, enabling costs to be lower.

For the build we utilise another invention contributing to lower weight and better strength. The hull of the Diva 34 SC is vacuum infused simultaneously together with structural components such as keel grid, in a ”One Shot” process. Also parts of the interior is infused together with the hull, creating a homogenous structure without glued joints. This enable us to build a stronger and lighter hull and hull structure. Even parts of the interior, normally built in heavy marine plywood, is built using a vacuum infused sandwich core. This creates a higher yacht and a more enduring structure, since the composite structure is more enduring compared to marine plywood, especially from water penetration.
Marcus Lindquist comments;
”For the new Diva 34 SC we never considered following the stream and make just another boat. It has been 20 years since we introduced the Diva 35 that had a Kevlar reinforced laminate hull, and it´s time to take the next step. With the vacuum injection moulding being well proven, we are ready to take the next step and vacuum inject not only the ”shells”, eg hull and deck, but also major parts of the structure and backbone of a yacht. It gives great advantages in both weight and labour efficiency. By a major investment in an advanced construction and build method, earlier only seen on pure race boats, we are able to save weight while simultaneously improving strength and durability. We expect to save several hundreds of kilos by using this method. As we also build many parts of the interior in sandwich composite we are saving even more weight. The objective is to halve the weight of the interior compared to the Diva 35 that won it´s class in Tjörn Runt 2011.”

The new Diva 34 SC is a modern, agile easy to handle yacht with qualities that will satisfy the racer as well as bringing joy to the family while cruising.
Performance, easy handling and comfortable cruising. A true Diva!

Act now!

We are currently laying the foundation for the new Diva 34 SC. The first hull is already out of the mould, and we are planning for launch during the summer 2017.
Our first yachts are already sold, so to be sailing the Diva 34 SC, you should contact us now!

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